which directionYou can find them anywhere online…really you can

Follow this person they will tell you this… follow that person and they will tell you that….

Where do you turn, who do you believe?  What do you believe?

We have been a entrepreneurs working on line for 20 plus years combined and I can tell you we have seen our fair share of BS. And honestly we are sick and tired of it!

Spending as much time as we do online…we have learn how to spot the crap and what is true and what is not…..and it is time you know too…

The fact is…NOT every marketing strategy works for every business.

The fact is…NOT everyone is meant to be a coach…

The fact is  NOT everyone can work from home or be a entrepreneur

The fact is you can start a successful business online and you do NOT have to put your home at risk

We are not saying that it is wrong to invest thousands of dollars in building a website, or with the right coach.  We ARE saying you can still build a successful business without it.


You have to be willing to do whatever it will take!

It will take investments to build a successful business, it will take money, it will take time.  But be careful who you listen too…and why you are listening to them.


Our mission is to unite moms who work at home together, to show others that it CAN be done….you can do it.


Nothing is a cookie cutter…

Some of you  might not be made to self employed…that is ok! There are ALOT of work at home jobs available online now that you can take advantage of, and still get the flexibility you want.

Some of you might be looking to just make a few extra hundred bucks a month to pay for that new car, or your kids braces…. guess what you can do that too!

Or maybe you want financial freedom….you want to make millions…guess what you can do that too.

As moms, we put our kids and family first…and always will!  That does not make us anything less of an entrepreneur.

We don’t sacrifice our kids for money…and suggest you don’t either.  No money in the world can replace watching your daughters first dance recital.

No we have not made millions online, but we both have helped build and support million dollar businesses.

We both make a very comfortable living.  And I have always put my family first.


Our mission is to help you understand the possibilities, understand what you really want, help you accomplish it!

If you ever have questions we would be happy to help just drop us an email on the contact form.

Need some inspiration? Read about other moms who are achieving their dreams.


With Lots of Love,

~Laura & Tracey