Benita’s Story

Hi, My name is Benita! I live in Michigan. Been divorced for many yr, so been a Single Mom of 3 for a long time. Have a lovng family. I have struggle off n on til now. God has blessed me with a wonderful Opportunity to Work From Home.

Our Interview with Benita

MGV: Have you ever worked outside the home?
Benita: YES

MGV: What is your work background and education?
Benita:  Office

MGV: What do you currently do from home?
Benita:     I Work From Home being a Customer Service Rep for the Fortune 500 Companies, (Walmart, Netflix, Redbox, Gamefly, Directv, etc.) with INSTANT REWARDS (BBB Rated). No Experience Needed. Will be trained!! Inbound calls Only, no cold calling. All you need is a Computer, Internet, and Phone!!

MGV: How long have you done this for?
Benita: 3 months

MGV: How did you get started?
Benita:  I came across my Sponsor (Who is GREAT), looking for some Work From Home Info on an Facebook Fan Page.

MGV: How much did it cost you to get started?
Benita:   FREE Sign Up $1-$20 to get started Making Money From Home w/IMN/Instant Rewards!!

MGV: Are you currently earning any income from your business?
Benita:  YES

MGV: How long did it take for you to see income coming in?
Benita:  This will vary for everyone. It depends on how much time, effort & dedication you put into it. This is NOT a get RICH QUICK SCHEME!!

MGV: Have you ever done anything else from home?

MGV: What is your favorite thing about working from home?
Benita: : I’m my OWN BOSS!! My days, my hrs. And, No commute!! Who doesn’t LOVE that!!

MGV: What is your least favorite thing about working from home?
Benita:  Honestly, I don’t have one. It’s something I have always wanted to do!!

MGV: Would you recommend working from home to other stay at home moms?

MGV: Why?
Benita: I would recommend it to the Moms who want more time with their children, family and friends. And if it makes good sense for their life style and situation.

MGV: Is there anything else you would like to share with our community?
Benita: I am offering a $10 Bonus for COMPLETE Sign Up on BOTH Step 1 n Step 2!!

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