kiley-purple_2x3Kiley’s Story

My name is Kiley Shafer stay at home mother and wife. Ii currently live in Indiana. Was raised in Michigan for most of my childhood. We have two boys 11 and 14.

They keep you really busy with school, sports, and friends. We have been married for 15 years. What an amazing journey that is in its self. I was a Mortgage broker for ten years and then. I found this great stay at home opportunity.

I joined a company called It Works Global, also know as that Crazy Wrap Thing!! I had come to this point in my life two years ago when I knew it was time for a change. I was missing out on to much with the boys and the economy with the real estate market was not doing so well.

So I wanted to try a body wrap and didn’t want to pay lots so did some searching online, came a crossed this amazing wrap that has forever changed our lives. I decided to seek and use them. Best $99 I have ever spent. I would do it over and over if I could. So about 7 months in with this company and growing my it works family I promoted to double diamond just in time. Or I always say in Gods timing.

Husband was laid off from work. So everything was happening for a reason. Then the next month I promoted to Triple Diamond which aloud me to leave the mortgage business and support my family full time. Without It Works we could have lost everything we had worked so hard over the years to own.

Our Interview with Kiley

MGV: Have you ever worked outside the home?

Kiley: YES

MGV: What’s your Work Background and Education

Kiley:: I am a high school graduate, all took many classes for my mortgage business. Plus have attendees many leadership seminars.

MGV: What do you currently do from home?

Kiley:: I sell body wraps and all natural supplements

MGV: How long?

Kiley:: 2 years

MGV: How did you get started?

Kiley:: Took a leap of faith and joined for $99

MGV: How much did it cost you to get started?


MGV: Are you currently earning any income from your business?

Kiley:: YES

MGV: What is your current average income from your business?

Kiley:: 100,000 to 250,000

MGV: How long did it take for you to see income coming in?

Kiley:: Very first month

MGV: Have you ever done anything else from home?

Kiley:: NO

MGV: What is your favorite thing about working from home?

Kiley:: Freedom of my time for me and my family

MGV: What is your least favorite thing about working from home?

Kiley:: I don’t have anything

MGV: Would you recommend working from home to other stay at home moms?


MGV: Why?

Kiley:: The freedom of owning your time is such a blessing


Kiley ’s favorite inspirational quote

Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid. God will be with you and will never forsake you. Joshua 1:9

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