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Divorced and remarried mother of 4 boys (23, 21, 17, 17), step mom to 2 teenage girls and a boy. Started my own personal training business almost 15 years ago.

Still running business and have added many skills and certifications. Am proud of that I can support my boys on it.

Also running courses for canfitpro for those who wish to become personal trainers and am a Wellness Consultant for Truestar. My passion is to help people have a healthier today and tomorrow. It is about lifestyle.

Have a great passion for working with women helping them gain confidence and self esteem through exercise and self care. I love spending time with my boys, my husband. Trail riding, cross country skiing and teaching fitness classes in addition to working one on one with my clients.

Our Interview with Elisabeth 

MGV: Have you ever worked outside the home?

Elisabeth: YES

MGV: What’s your Work Background and Education

Elisabeth:: Sociology degree from U of T
Fitness Leadership Certificate from Seneca College

Owner/Founder of FIT4YOU
Fitness, nutrition and Lifestyle Coach
PTS PRO TRAINER for canfitpro
Wellness consultant for Truestar Health

Business Development Manager, WATERinMOTION
Personal Trainer, Level 4, GoodLife

MGV: What do you currently do from home?

Elisabeth:: Run and manage FIT4YOU and it’s clients
Write 2 blogs of my own and contribute to another
– elisabethfit4you.wordpress.com
– mommakingitwork.wordpress.com
Work on my PRO TRAINER business and filling courses and facilitating exams

MGV: How long?

Elisabeth:: Almost 15 years

MGV: How did you get started?

Elisabeth:: Lived in Vancouver for two years and became inspired watching other personal trainers working with their clients. Returned to Ontario and became educated in what I wanted to do. Started working in a gym as a trainer but decided to start my own business so I could work around my kids’ schedules etc. Started working with friends first. My close friend was my first client (freebie). She lost inches and pounds and told all her friend etc. Have built a solid reputation on being trustworthy and knowledgeable.

MGV: How much did it cost you to get started?

Elisabeth::Not too much. Pay for a certification or two per year. Pay for website monthly as well as constant contact membership etc.

MGV: Are you currently earning any income from your business?

Elisabeth:: YES

MGV: What is your current average income from your business?

Elisabeth:: 30,000 to 50,000

MGV: How long did it take for you to see income coming in?

Elisabeth:: It started right away

MGV: Have you ever done anything else from home?

Elisabeth:: NO

MGV: How long did it take for you to see income coming in?

Elisabeth:: When I first started my business, I did a lot of trades and barters. Once I was publishing for about a year, I started seeing consistent income coming in.

MGV: Have you ever done anything else from home?

Elisabeth:: NO

MGV: What is your favorite thing about working from home?

Elisabeth::  Being able to be there for my kids. Even though they are older now it is still so important to them (and me) that I can be there during the day when needed whether it is something happening at the school or outside of. Also enjoy the flexibility of being my own boss and being in charge of my own life

MGV: What is your least favorite thing about working from home?

Elisabeth::Can be lonely at times. Sometimes wish I had someone to bounce ideas off of and to make me get things done at times. Family doesn’t understand that I am working because I am right there next to the kitchen. They feel they can interrupt at any time, which can be very distracting. Have recently rented a small space where I can go occasionally when I really need some quiet.

MGV: Would you recommend working from home to other stay at home moms?


MGV: Why?

Elisabeth:: For all the reasons I mentioned above in what I love about working from home. Being able to be there for the kids and with the kids. Not missing the important stuff

MGV: Anything else you would like to share with our community?

Elisabeth:: You can have work-life balance by working from home, it just takes some planning and scheduling. Whether you want to work for a company at home or become an entrepreneur, it is possible..

Find Elisabeth Here:

Website: www.fit4you.ca

Twitter: www.twitter.com/elisabethfit4u

Facebook: www.facebook.com/fit4you