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Cena Block’s professional expertise comes from more than 25 years of human performance management, managing teams, coaching, training design and delivery and entrepreneurship. She also holds certifications and accreditation in many world-wide training and coaching programs.

Cena has led employee engagement initiatives, directed performance planning, managed staff, and implemented improvement initiatives for an employee base of more than 28,000. She is master-certified as a facilitator, coach, leadership presenter, and productivity consultant.

Cena is the author of: Getting It All Done in The Unstoppable Woman’s Guide To Emotional Well Being. Cena’s areas of expertise include career and self-development, curriculum design, teaming, management and leadership. Cena received both her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, and her Master’s Degree in Corporate Communications from Ithaca College. She holds certifications in many human performance, coaching and training Systems. As a professional organizer, Cena has worked with chronically disorganized populations and those who struggle with ADHD, OCD, PTSD, TBI and other brain-related conditions.

I call myself a mompreneur mentor… but really, I’m a coach, facilitator, author, and motivational speaker and the founder of SaneSpaces.com. I help solo and small business owners who struggle to manage everything in the time they have!

When you’re ready to relaunch I help mompreneurs weave past professions into manageable and successful businesses that support them to live a life they love. I help clients create efficient systems, take care of themselves, and create the levels of support they need for self-defined success. I specialize in helping moms find the courage to act in the direction of their dreams and fly without a net! My clients gain clarity, ignite their passions, and create time to enjoy their lives again.

I also work with corporate and non-profit groups to deliver interactive productivity workshops that provide a unique combination of self-assessment, wellness practices and success principles to help people take powerful action.

I’m a straight talker who’s not afraid to tell it like it is. I believe that authenticity, wholeness and happiness all begin when you clarify what is most important, then accept, embrace, integrate and celebrate the one and only you! My clients learn that clarity leads to authentic living, abundance and gratitude.

Speaker/Facilitator, Personal Coach, Consultant, Mompreneur and Author. Cena is currently the Past President of the Northern NJ Chapter of National Association of Professional Organizers, (NAPO NNJ) & a member of both Pike County Chamber of Commerce in PA.

Our Interview with Cena

MGV: Have you ever worked outside the home?

Cena : YES

MGV: Have you ever worked outside the home?

Cena : Run my own coaching and training business. I started out as a professional organizer.

MGV: What’s your Work Background and Education

Cena  : 5 years

MGV: How did you get started?

Cena : I had dream and I decided to get started.

MGV: How much did it cost you to get started?

Cena : This is difficult to tell – I’ve consistently and continually invested in my business so it’s been tens of thousands of dollars over the course of five years.

MGV: Are you currently earning any income from your business?

Cena : YES

MGV: What is your current average income from your business?

Cena : 50,000 to 100,000

MGV: How long did it take for you to see income coming in?

Cena : I saw income right away, but the costs of running the business didn’t even out into profitability until after three years in business.

MGV: Have you ever done anything else from home?

Cena : NO

MGV: What is your favorite thing about working from home?

Cena : My own flexibility and changing my schedule when I want. I also love the ability to work wherever I want in my own home

MGV: What is your least favorite thing about working from home?

Cena : Interruptions and feeling like I’m never ever done working… Boundaries can be challenging!

MGV: Would you recommend working from home to other stay at home moms?

Cena : YES

MGV: Why?

Cena : It is a great way to kick start your ‘next’ thing. You have control and flexibility, you can define yourself as an individual again, and really work at your own pace. Here is a great related blog post that your readers may like: http://sanespaces.com/2013/10/coming-back-at-home-moms-work/

MGV: Anything else you would like to share with our community?

Cena :  I would love to offer this community a look at my DIY Organizing Course

MGV: Where can people find out more info about you?

Cena : Come to Sane Spaces.com/blog-2/ to read great articles for moms!

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Cena ’s favorite inspirational quote

“The only way through it… is through it… NO Shortcuts!”

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Website: http://www.sanespaces.com