Tracey Sodt

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I have always wanted to work from home! So I made it happen! First I started a daycare after our daughter was born, over 10 years ago. Then I tried a variety of things…Melaleuca, PPL, Avon, Alison’s Pantry. I now have been a VA for nearly 5 years and I love helping others be successful in their businesses!

My ULTIMATE  mission, though, is to  help Moms have the same opportunity that I have had to work from home and watch my daughter grow up and not miss the little things. I didn’t want a daycare provider seeing my daughter’s “firsts”. And now my husband and I have started doing foster care to help make a difference in children’s lives that may have not had a chance otherwise!  It really makes you see the need for more Moms to be at home with their kids!




Laura Bastion

Laura Beth Bastion

I am a serial entrepreneur 🙂 I started my first home based business in the “Home Party Industy” in 1995.   Though many will tell you I have been a entrepreneur my whole life, creating and selling and coming up with ideas to improve peoples lives.  In 1999 I started on a new quest….to  work truly from home.  You name it, I probably tried it….even things like stuffing envelopes (yep that is a scam)  I have owned and operated a Ebay store, I worked as a Virtual Operator , I have done telemarketing , I did the whole MLM thing….  I than started a Virtual Assistant Company in 2001, I have had the privilege of learning from and working with some of the best internet marketers and entrepreneurs in the world.    I have also have had the privilege to work with many start up companies and guide and consult with them to help their businesses grow online.

I have learned sooo much over the years .  My goal is to provide support and guidance to other mothers and entrepreneurs so they can have the flexibility and freedom I enjoy working from home and making money online.  You don’t have to make costly mistakes in your quest to increase your income.  I have already made them before you 🙂

I have enjoyed being able to take my kids to school everyday, and be here when they get home.  I have never had to miss out on those special first moments in their lives….and I get to enjoy all the fun school activities with them…..YET run a VERY successful company from the comforts of my home.