Lately on my mind is how quickly life can change. You have no idea what tomorrow will bring or if there will be a tomorrow. Which makes me ponder what should I be doing so that no matter what, there are NO regrets?  Am I happy doing what I’m doing? Is there more I could be doing that would be even better? The answer is yes for me! I am working from home as a virtual assistant. I am able to not only be here for my family with my extremely flexible schedule but to also help my husband with supporting our family financially.

What do you dream about for your future? What goals do you want to hit before a certain age? What is stopping you from pursuing those dreams and goals? Is it time? Money? Negative people? Your own self-doubt?

Grab a blank piece of paper. Yes now! Don’t wait one stinking more minute to start writing down your dreams and goals!

Here are 10 Tips to helping you realize and accomplish your goals:

  1. Determine what your goals and dreams are. What do you dream of doing? Being? Seeing? Is there a skill you want to obtain? A degree you would love to have? Do you want to climb the ladder in your current company?
  2. Are these goals and dreams realistic and achievable? If not, rethink them. They must be achievable or you are setting yourself up for failure and failure is not an option!
  3. Are your goals specific? They need to be as specific as possible. This makes it possible to break them down into goals you can check off so that you can see progress. This keeps you motivated.
  4. Put your goals in order. Prioritize them. Know which dreams or goals you want to accomplish first.
  5. Take your goals and create a very detailed action plan. How do you like to track things? With spreadsheets? Do you write in a diary?
  6. When do you want to accomplish your goals by? Are you thinking this year? 5 years down the road? By the time you retire? OR maybe you have a goal for each milestone!  Write that down as well. Track the progress you make. Hang it someplace so that you can see it every day.
  7. Every so often, re-evaluate your goals. Times change. Our wants and needs change. Your goals may change as well. Never stop adding goals to your list. You can have as many things on that list as you want!
  8. Involve other people! Accountability is a great way to stay on track. Maybe it is your spouse, your best friend, or a mentor you’ve had for years. Let them help you to stay on track!
  9. Perseverance! Do NOT give up! Do NOT give in! This is YOUR life we’re talking about!
  10. Be sure to celebrate every small accomplishment! This will help you to not lose sight of those goals and dreams.

Thomas Jefferson said, “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”  A true statement. Be the person that can’t be stopped! YOU are important. Don’t let anyone tell you differently!

Sooooo, our amazing virtual community, I would love for you to share YOUR dreams and goals with us!